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Make Each day a reason to dance

A song about dancing:

I danced in the morning
when the World was begun
I am the Lord of the Dance, said He

The passage of Scripture from Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 versus 1-8 talks about these things ...

A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance

Have a look at it!

There is a time for everything. What is striking about these words is how positive and negative appear to balance each other.

We see the pendulum of life swinging from one to the other with neither being given more weight than the other. The implication is twofold. First, even when we think positively, circumstances may not develop as we hope.

Second, the fear of darkness without end is shown to be unfounded. The repetitiveness if each day, which so depressed the teacher (what the person who wrote Ecclesiastes is called) offers the hope of a new start, new possibilities.

The teacher is dealing with loss, and life. Loss affects us, it sometimes means we define ourselves in terms of what we have lost, not what we have gained. Some of the finest moments of growth in our spiritual lives come when we face the tempest, the storm, the lack of calm in our lives. We have come here today to the quiet garden for some calm - but without the storm the dance could not go on. Steve Griffith's book "God of the Valley", interweaves bible reflection on grief with his own experience of loss when his wife died after a long illness, aged 36. He tells of how he came to make a conscious decision to move on from defining himself in terms of bereavement.

He says "this was not to deny my past; it was a question of forming a healthy identity that could undergird my healing".

I would personally use the term "learning to dance"; learning to dance with God through the different wind currents and storms and calms of our day. Dancing means walking, rhythmically, in step with Him who walks with us. He has said "I have prepared works beforehand for you to walk in". He has prepared them; He walks the path with us.

He is above us, below us, in front and behind us - dance with Him, face Him - acknowledge His presence and power in the dance.

There is a time to mourn, to weep, to uproot; but there is also a time for dancing, laughing and planting. We may feel that we do not have the strength to move from the negative to the positive - or vice versa - yet we can ask our Heavenly Father by His Spirit to help us embrace the next stage of our journey; wherever the dance may take us.

Dance, then, over these next weeks of refreshing and challenge. Dance through the Olympics; dance through your personal circumstances and Know that the Lord, He is God.

Much love to you

Denise xx

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