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May 2013

Celebration ahead !

Revd. Denise and NormaFAREWELL to Revd. Denise and Celebration of her Ministry

SUNDAY 7th July

Revd. Denise and Norman will be saying a fond farewell to Lacey Green and the Risborough Team on Sunday 7th July. Its going to be a real celebration. Starting with a 10.00 am at St. John's and a shared lunch ...

Much to give thanks for.

Baptism and Confirmation

BaptismThere will be a team confirmation service at St. John the Evangelist on November 24th. So, if you would like to be confirmed please do see Denise in the first instance.

We are happy to baptize adults and children who belong to worshipping families.  The importance of coming to church, learning to worship and, for the children, attending Junior Church is vital. Please do encourage each other to come and worship regularly.

Open Your Spiritual Eyes

Sunlight shining through large treeDuring the years of the Great Depression in America, a man called Yates owned a huge amount of land in Texas. He raised sheep on it. He lived in great poverty and barely had enough money for food and clothing for himself and his family. Soon, it looks as if he would have to sell up.