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March 2013

Brilliant Car Wash by Junior Church

Junior Church members (and their families) worked so hard at washing cars and had such fun doing it. It was a great event and the word on the street is that cars have never been brighter and cared for with such love and fun.

Bless you Junior Church for raising over £230 for church funds and also for having such yummy cakes presented by such yummy mums.

Don't forget to thank those who organise these events. Thanks especially to Claire McWilliams.

Craft Mornings

Karen Eden has been organising craft mornings and the first one went so well, with the second one happening on March 23rd. These mornings are seeing many children attending and learning how to make wonderful things plus having Christian music playing and yummy refreshments.

Thank you to Karen and the team for all that they are doing in these outreach events. These are touching our community and the Church is seen in the community. Thank you all ladies for using your gifts and talents in this way. Keep up the good work.


The Church of England has issued new standard costs for weddings and as a Church we will be conforming to these.

You can come and see Denise about booking your wedding and you will get a pack which will outline the costs, give you some guidelines on how to go about it and give you some help with choosing readings and hymns - plus, of course, some homework to do as you read a good book about marriage!

Mothering Sunday

Thank you to all the children, and to Rosemary Mortham, for the wonderful cakes to celebrate Mothering Sunday. The Junior Church worked hard in Rosemary's house to decorate cakes as usual. These were of a really high standard and children, thank you for making the day so special.

Lent is for Loving

Lent is for Loving, by Sheila Cassidy, was our Lent study material.

The Lent groups have gone so well; we have enjoyed fellowship and sharing together. The book has certainly been challenging and prompted much discussion. I know from feedback from other group attendees that it has been truly stimulating this year.

If you wish to join a permanent homegroup please do speak with Reverend Denise or Virginia Goode.

Storms have a way of teaching what nothing else can

In his book, Getting Out of the Boat, John Ortberg reminds us about the challenges that face us in life. They can be the "winds and waves" that frighten us from doing new things, or following the Lord, or facing the challenges of life because they make us uncomfortable and life becomes too difficult.

How do you endure in the face of a storm? - Why do some storms energise some but defeat others?

Baptism and Confirmation

We are happy to baptize adults and children who belong to worshipping families. Coming to church, learning to worship and, for the children, attending Junior Church is vitally important. Please do encourage each other to remember to come and worship regularly. Also it encourages the children to see each other and learn together in Junior Church. Please see Suzanne Field about Junior Church - or speak to Denise about baptism should you wish to know more.


We are committed to giving to those in need. The problem is that our payment of parish share is £30,000 to begin with, and this is compulsory for us as a church. Please consider that this is only our starting point, we are not a rich church, and we would honour the Lord both in our mission and outreach and our charitable giving.