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General Notices

Open Your Spiritual Eyes

Sunlight shining through large treeDuring the years of the Great Depression in America, a man called Yates owned a huge amount of land in Texas. He raised sheep on it. He lived in great poverty and barely had enough money for food and clothing for himself and his family. Soon, it looks as if he would have to sell up.

Lent is for Loving

Lent is for Loving, by Sheila Cassidy, was our Lent study material.

The Lent groups have gone so well; we have enjoyed fellowship and sharing together. The book has certainly been challenging and prompted much discussion. I know from feedback from other group attendees that it has been truly stimulating this year.

If you wish to join a permanent homegroup please do speak with Reverend Denise or Virginia Goode.

Baptism and Confirmation

We are happy to baptize adults and children who belong to worshipping families. Coming to church, learning to worship and, for the children, attending Junior Church is vitally important. Please do encourage each other to remember to come and worship regularly. Also it encourages the children to see each other and learn together in Junior Church. Please see Suzanne Field about Junior Church - or speak to Denise about baptism should you wish to know more.


We are committed to giving to those in need. The problem is that our payment of parish share is £30,000 to begin with, and this is compulsory for us as a church. Please consider that this is only our starting point, we are not a rich church, and we would honour the Lord both in our mission and outreach and our charitable giving.

New Infant Church Group

We are happy to announce that a new group will begin from September onwards for children aged 4 where they will have their own time out as Infant Church, prior to moving up to Junior Church at age 5. On each third Sunday we, together with Junior Church, have agreed that children aged 4-5 will join with Junior Church for a crafts and storytell session on the theme of the day.

Dedication of Alter Frontal and Kneelers

On Sunday 3rd June, we were priviledged to be able to dedicate then kneelers at our altar rail and also a beautiful new alter frontal kindly donated to us in memory of the service and ministry in St. John's by Reverend Bernard Houghton and his wife Kitty.

Also dedicated, was a kneeler purchased by Marjorie Palmer before she died, completed by Margaret Gray, and dedicated to the Diamond Jubilee of our Queen.


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